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Targeted Watershed Grant (TWG)

Doing What’s Needed

The Rio Puerco Alliance, in partnership with the Rio Puerco Management Committee, the Navajo Nation, and various State and Federal agencies, conducted projects in 2007 through 2012 to improve overall watershed conditions and eliminate water quality impairments in the Torreon Wash segment of the Arroyo Chico subwatershed. The main strategies focused on decreasing sedimentation and erosion, increasing desired vegetation, decreasing non-native and invasive species, enhancing infiltration of precipitation, and decreasing runoff.  Our ultimate goal was to teach coming generations how to improve water quality and increase water quantity and agricultural yield, while reducing impairment.  Outcomes will include significant reduction in sediment going into the Rio Puerco, improved local economies, and, through extensive outreach, demonstration to other communities of the benefits of these techniques.

Click here to access the RPA's initial project proposal.

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